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InAlliance believes people with developmental disabilities have an absolute right and responsibility to participate fully and equally in society.

It is our commitment to provide supports that contribute to the independence of those we serve. We offer job placement, employment training, and the facilitation of supports necessary for integrated employment and community living.

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InAlliance brings together those we serve with community members and businesses. We are committed to both our employees and partners to ensure positive relationships are built and fostered.

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Impacting people


Since 1952 InAlliance has pioneered opportunities for individuals with developmental disabilities and acquired brain injury. Over time, we matured with person centered thinking an inclusive terminology. Thanks to our community partners, families, and the thousands served we continue working to build a more livable workable world.

  • 1952
    A group of parents seeking to enrich the lives of their adult children with developmental disabilities founded a day program with the help of SARs and it was called Sacramento Rehabilitation Facility
  • 1968
    SARs stepped out, and a non-profit was formed and was named Sacramento Vocational Services (SVS)
  • 1980
    A sheltered workshop was established
  • 1984
    InAlliance transitioned to a Supported Employment program, placing more than 200 participants in integrated employment sites and rebranded as Sacramento Vocational Services
  • 1990
    Closed Sheltered workshop and obtained a grant to provide one-to-one fully integrated services, creating the Community Training Program (CTP)
  • 1991
    Services for employment grew, small crews of three participants and once staff were formed to work in community-based contract sites, creating the Work and Life Skills Program (WLS)
  • 1993
    InAlliance began as one of the first pilot projects to provide Supported Living Services
  • 1998
    Expanded services into El Dorado County
  • 2001
    Rebranded as InAlliance
  • 2004
    The InAlliance Consumer Advisory Committee (CAC) was formed, consisting of people receiving services and employees to ensure services are living the life they want to live
  • 2005
    InAlliance began providing Independent Living Services. This opened up support to those who may not need as intensive supports as those in Supported Living
  • 2006
    Expanded services into the Sutter Buttes Region
  • 2009
    InAlliance began providing Tailored Day Services (TDS), which opened up services for individuals who wanted to explore job training, education, or other avenues of independence without the commitment to a full-day program schedule

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